Friday, May 8

i know a lot of amazing mothers.

after reading my post below, my friend lauren posted her own story of how she became a mother.. our stories are very similar, but ended quite differently.. i would love for my friends to read her story as well.. she is an amazing woman.. she is beautiful and kind, she is funny at the most unexpected moment.. she is always smiling and so completely full of love.. she has raised two of the happiest kids i know.. and she has made one of my best friends the happiest man alive..

i truly look up to her and hope one day i can be as wonderful a mother and wife as she is..

meet my friend lauren

also.. my girl shani.. a gorgeous mommy of one of the most beautiful baby boys i've EVER seen.. i've known this girl for a very long time and recently have grown quite close to her.. i think she is an amazing mom.. she works very hard to take care of her family.. she is the cutest damn thing and is wise way beyond her years.. she keeps me in check and shows me a side of things i don't always see.. she needs to move back to florida so i can learn more from her and then take her on girl dates to repay her for all the things she's done for me.. 

meet my friend shani

there are a lot more moms in my life that i look up to, that i learn from and that i strive to be like everyday.. my own mom for starters, she is amazing and i love her more than anything.. vicki, my second mom. judah's mommy, haley genet, amiee fox, jenna's mom, sandee loew, shawna b and all the other mom's in my life.. happy mother's day.


lauren said...

thank you jayme. you are so sweet. this post made me cry. <3

Anonymous said...

I love you. You are the sweetest girl I know.<3