Tuesday, April 21

at some point...

i stopped caring.. one way friendships really aren't fair.. and why should i always be the one making all of the effort.. from now on i'm wasting no time, energy or heart on people who aren't willing to make the effort back.. why should i give all of myself to someone who is showing me only half or at times, less than half, of themselves..

i'm an amazing girl.. i'm strong and i've got a lot of heart.. i do everything in my life with a lot of passion and emotion.. i'm very caring and loving and can be motherly when it comes to certain people.. i like to take care of the people i love and will often put myself out to make sure that they are happy and healthy..  i make it a point to talk to my friends as much as i can and to always let them know that i am thinking about them and how much i love them.. i've lost too many friends that maybe didnt know how much i loved them.. i send my friends good morning/good night emails and texts and i'm always there when someone needs me.. i find that my friends are some of the most intriguing people, and i always want to learn more about them.. i try to travel as much as possible to see my friends since they are so spread out all over the country.. i write my friends letters, i mail out care packages, i make cds, i paint.. i do a lot for my friends so that they will know that they are on my mind and in my heart and that i've not forgotten them..

if thats the kind of friend you are looking for, then hey, i'm your girl! if it isn't, then do us both a favor and kindly bow out.. i'm grown and i realize i can't be friends with everyone.. i realize some people dislike me, and i couldn't care less.. NOT MY FRIEND, NOT MY  PROBLEM. thats what i say.. 


ps. this is me, i'm cute.. especially when i just don't give a fuck. see?


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Anonymous said...

I love you! You're the most amazing girl ever. Fuck anyone who doesn't see it.