Wednesday, April 15

lets hear it for love!

um. where the fuck have i been? living under a rock? possibly. but thanks to my new friend A, i've fallen in love.. Smoking Popes : Destination Failure. yes please. listening to this cd is like seeing a handsome boy in a fred perry shirt (jk.. sort of).. haha hearts in my eyes..

i've had one of the best weekends i can remember.. saturday i went to dinner with chachi and jenny and then down to miami for a show i didn't actually watch.. but i did see a fresh cut skinbyrd get her nose broken by some long haired dude.. sunday we had a get together at skottys.. chachi and i baked.. there was delicious vegetarian and vegan options.. a 7000 dollar bike fell on a dog.. lots of hang out at the poorhouse.. lots of boys riding bikes and doing bike tricks.. lots of me wishing i had a bike that didn't have two flat tires..

monday i spent the day in sawgrass mall with miss chachita.. got siked on jenna coming home.. went to new found glory, bayside, shai hulud.. definitely felt too old to be there.. saw a cute boy in a fred perry shirt.. he was married and didn't wanna be my fake boyfriend.. (haha) met some really rad kids.. got to see miss jenny douglas who i love to pieces.. homeboy found 50$ and bought a round of shirley temples for the straightedge kids in the house haha..

today consisted of work.. lurking hard.. getting stuck at work late.. dinner with my boos.. goddamn video games at rob and chachis with jenna and pat.. late night aim conversations and ridiculous pictures of albi as john wayne and albi in paris... FUCKING AMAZING.

that is all..

ps. my new friend is quite wise.


Wendy said...

Hi....saw you on Silje's blog and am just making rounds to fellow kick ass bloggers.

I am planning on moving to Bradenton, Fl in the next year or so.

Silje Røe Hagland said...

<333 Sounds like you had a pretty amazing weekend babe, I am jealous.

So glad to hear you are happy, you deserve the best, and nothing less.

I can't wait to see you! Polaroids and cuteness!

I love you, ma <3