Monday, June 8

slow down. calm down. don't worry. don't hurry.

life has been crazy the past few weeks.. i've done so much and experienced so much.. it feels like i did 6 months worth of things in a few short weeks... warning.. lots of photos to follow!

i went home to ohio to visit my family and to watch my little brother graduate.. it was amazing and so awesome to surprise him.. i got to see my aunt barb as well as some of my other family i haven't seen in almost 10 years.. maybe longer.. shani and andy came to see me which was super fucking awesome.. so stoked on those two.. LOVE. ohio was a nice break from florida.. got to spend time with my mom looking at the apartments she and her boyfriend rent out.. as well as having mom treat me to a delicious vegan lunch.. also on the list of places i enjoyed while in ohio: diamonds (for strippers) UDF (for ice cream of course) skyline (for a black bean burrito deluxe) melt (for a fabulous vegan lunch with andy and shani) beelistic (to see my beloved lil kevin jump)..  flight home was scary due to weather but i made it back to florida safely.. (its been raining in florida for 3 weeks.. we are sinking)

photos from my trip to ohio
beautiful girl.

at melt. cincinnati.

baby girl <3

andy and shani. love these two

graduation day



dayton sky

THEN! once i was back in florida.. my friend brien and his friend javi came down to play at an electronic music festival down in miami.. i ventured out in the horrendous south florida rain.. insane downpours.. flooding.. a 45 minute drive took me 2 hours.. haha.. but it was so so so worth it.. spent the day with the two of them just pushing around the city.. snapped a pic of javi's mom's new kitty, bandito hunter..

meet bandito hunter

returned to work, which has been pretty steady.. not too terrible.. customers have been decent.. had a photoshoot with miss sam guss.. chachi joined in the fun.. got a few pics back so far.. loving the look of these.. i cannot wait to do more shoots with sam.. i hope i can get some in before she runs off to san francisco and leaves me far behind..

fucking SARS


today was a relaxing day off.. ventured out to t-mobile to get a new phone.. dinner at olive garden with thrilled alex.. talked to matty all day <3..>

meet herman.

sleepy baby j..

goodnight xo


Jose said...
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Jose said...

Where was the herman munster pic taken? That's one of my friends iconic pieces, awesome. I just randomly came across this and got a kick out of it when I saw it.
I will have to share this with him =)