Saturday, November 21

GOOD BYE South Florida.. its been real.

In two weeks I will be heading off to the next chapter in my life.. I am leaving South Florida.. Its been four years.. Some of which were possibly the worst years of my life.. I learned a lot though.. I'll be moving on to a fresh new start, and new people to grow with..

In two weeks I will be leaving my job at the MAC store in Boca Raton.. I've worked with that crew for four straight years and it will be really hard to not be with them every day.. They have become more like family and friends to me than coworkers.. I will miss them dearly every single day.. It will be a challenge starting at my new location because I know no one will ever be able to replace them.. They already made me cry once when they told me they wished they didn't even have to post my position because no one will be able to take my place in that store.. Its good to feel loved.. They are some of the most creative and talented people I know.. I wish I could take some of them with me :(

I am moving to Long Beach, CA. It is a far different city than any I've ever lived in.. I am truly very excited to start a new life with new friends and a new job.. I will be working part time for a MAC PRO location.. Its going to be a lot to learn and a lot to get accustomed to.. But I've got faith in myself.. I am moving to a quiet little apartment in LB with my amazing boyfriend who has taught me so much and shown me that I deserve so much more from life..

I have already established friendships there so I know I won't be terribly lonely there while my boyfriend is away.. I am of course going to miss the few good friends I have down here.. But, this is just an excuse for them to come visit me in California.. and often! Who doesn't want to come to California?! Especially Long Beach.. its so beautiful!!

So the next few weeks I will be one very busy girl.. My boyfriend gets here on Tuesday and then we start the rest of our packing and getting ready for a super rad road trip across the great United States to my new home in LONG BEACH!!! I cannot wait!


PS. I cannot begin to explain how much i miss raleigh and my friends there.. i promise to visit as soon as i can.. <3


lauren ♥ said...

oh wow, i didn't know you were moving so soon! you should hurry and drive up for thanksgiving dinner with the fam before you leave! i wish you all the best, and i hope that this new adventure in your life makes you sooo much happier! xoxo <3

sam guss said...

coming closer to me <3