Monday, August 31

hmm.. interesting.

what is more odd? the fact that someone in virginia lurks me hard.. or the fact that someone in jacksonville, florida is doing a google search for me. "baby j florida" to be exact.. it lead them straight to this page..

if there's something you wanna know, just ask. i've got nothing to hide.


sam guss said...


LRC said...

Hello Jayme :)

I'm sure you know that I "lurk" you. But here's the thing--if you have public information online, expect to be "lurked". Instead of getting mad about it, just make your stuff private. It's really not a big deal. Take it as flattery. I do.

LRC said...

PS: It's not really "lurking" if you have a tracker.

JSS13 said...

i have a question, how hard do you miss me?