Saturday, September 11

i've got some news for you...

SO! i got a phone call this week that left me so speechless that it took me at least an hour or so to fully realize what had been said to me and what i would be actually doing just a few days after..


when i first heard the words come out of my boss' mouth, all i could think was, "dang, i'm driving to san francisco that night.." and then as it started to sink in that i was being offered an opportunity of a LIFETIME, i realized I'M GOING TO THE F'N MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS!!! sorry SF, i gotta push my trip to back just a bit!

myself, along with some other very talented MAC artists will be doing makeup for the VMAs this sunday! it is going to be one hell of a long day and absolutely incredible.. i cannot wait to see who is there, and more importantly who i will be doing makeup for! it could be anyone!!!

i am terribly excited and feel so blessed that i was chosen alongside two of my very talented coworkers to represent MAC PRO South Coast in and event of this magnitude!

wish me luck!!


lauren ♥ said...

jayme, you will do a spectacular job!! you are an amazing artist, and those people are lucky to have you do their makeup! i hope you have a great time, and really enjoy yourself. try not to get too stressed out! <3

p.s. yes, i guess garrett is doing a whole show featuring gaga soon! i will be sure to post more photos when it is up :)

Jensen said...

Wow! How was it? When Eminem opened with that track I was stoked, so the energy in the building had to have been off the charts! What a cool gig ya got that positioned you for something like that. Hope to see your full report post soon!!! :) J.