Tuesday, March 8

52 weeks?

i never update this anymore.. and i think its because i am very rarely at my computer.. i do so much of my internet stuff via my phone.. that i barely pick up this old laptop anymore.. poor thing is so old.. all its memory is filled up and i can pretty much only run one or two applications at a time.. one day i'll be doing well enough to purchase a new macbook and all will be right in the world again..

i was lurking around blogspot and stumbled upon the Dainty Squid blog.. adorable girl with such a rad idea.. i hope she doesn't mind if i borrow it for myself.. here's hoping i can at least commit to posting here once a week for the rest of the year.. shame i didn't start this at the first of the year. but better late than never i suppose..

from the dainty squid :
A 52 week photo project is just what it sounds like, one picture a week for the whole year. It would be perfect if you're not ready to commit to taking a photo everyday.

Some fun 52 week project ideas:
• weekly self portraits.
• a weekly photo of your pet.
• a weekly photo of your kid(s).
• a weekly instax or polaroid photo.
• a weekly peek into your craft space.
• a weekly peek into your hometown.
• a picture a week of what you're wearing.
• a weekly photo that sums up your last seven days.
• a weekly photo update of something growing (a plant, your hair, etc)
with that said.. i'm going to decide what to take a weekly photo of and by monday i should have something new up here for you guys..

any suggestions?


KS said...

New Blog subscriber! Your Blog is awesome!

I think:

"a weekly photo that sums up your last seven days. "

It sounds cool and I think you've inspired me to do it as well!


Also, I just downloaded an iphone app to blog...admittedly I haven't used it more than to test it but I too do most of my stuff from my phone so it seems pretty handy.

lauren ♥ said...

i would love if you do this jayme! maybe a photo a week of somewhere you love out there in CA? or of a beautiful makeup application? or just about anything, and i'm sure it would be interesting. miss you <3