Monday, July 7

help! i am in ipod hell..

so, after careful consideration, and lots nights at the club, i decided it was time to purchase a new ipod.. i am not a big fan of dropping lots of money at once.. especially on something so frivolous.. but if you have ridden in my car lately, you would know that my cd situation is getting way out of control.. no sane person should have that many cds in one car.. its just asking for trouble.. and it makes my car look very cluttered and messy.. and i really dont want that.. 

so two days ago, i made the purchase.. paying for half in cash.. half on my check card.. you see.. this is how i justified it.. since the cash was never accounted for in my bank account, it really never existed :) therefore, spending it is ok.. because now when i look at my statement it only shows 105$ withdrawal, not 270... i realize i still spent the same amount, but my lil head stresses way less when looking at it like this.. 


so for the past two days i've done nothing but sit in front of my computer uploading music to my new ipod.. my back hurts.. my eyes are burning.. i left my house only once in the past 24 hours.. that was for the new alkaline trio and some zona fresca with my lovely nato..  i haven't even showered.. its disgusting..

i remember awhile ago, the boy i was seeing at the time used to upset me all the time because he would spend HOURS in front of the computer fucking with his ipod.. i remember now how mad it would make me.. i would want to spend time with him and all he would want to do would be update his ipod...

and now i understand.



Be said...

WOW, I can relate in so many wayz.... The I-pod is a neva ending story. yes, sort of like the movie. It's a portal to anotha realm. Treat it as such. it will reward you many times ova.


Be said...

no such thing as iPod Hell... heaven is what U make it. Hell is what U go thru.

to get to where U wanna B, Ya gotta go thru Hell & High water to get there.

I've had my ipod freeze up, and otha stuff, but it still holds it down like a trooper. Just like a MAC.