Sunday, July 13

kittens are bad.. (no matter how cute they are josh call)

sooo.. yesterday i went out on a shopping spree (sike) to buy shoes and a top for work last night.. i had to work the door at the fetish party, and since i'm the dress code bitch, i always have to look extra nice.. so i found theeeee hottest shoes.. red stilettos.. with lil straps and buckles.. seriously... just amazing...  work all night.. they hurt.. its fine. i knew they would.. you have to suffer to look good sometimes.. 

no big deal... i come home.. take the new shoes off.. get comfy for cuddly sleep...  now normally i make sure to put the good shoes away.. i never leave my nikes out.. i only leave out work shoes because they are pretty disposable.. i usually never have a problem leaving them out... but for some reason.. i didnt think to put away the new shoes... 

i guess i thought maybe my kitten wasn't so bad.. and wouldn't chew them up... i was wrong.. wake up this morning to find white scratches and gashes in the new shoes :( well in just one of them, but what good is one perfect shoe and one fucked up shoe going to do me... 

i am very disappointed in this kitten.. :( i was sooooo excited about these shoes.. you have no idea..

and then.. to top it off.. i found one of my dunnys downstairs.. missing its extra piece...  now mama is really angry :(

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joshuacallism said...

yes, them little rascals. a more grown up cat is the way to go if you dont want to deal with kitten proofing your house. well, isnt it fetish to cut yourself? you could say that your shoe cut itself! haha