Monday, March 23


my head has been all filled up for weeks now.. more so this past week.. with the uncertainty of this job and my possible moving, to the up and down confusion of the other things in my life.. i've felt every day as though my head were going to explode..

things were looking up for me.. rad friends, fun times, sweet trips to hang with an amazing boy.. and how quickly things are changing.. people are moving (myself possibly included), hang outs are less and less.. 

i'm not sure at all where anything in my life stands at this moment.. i've played it all out a hundred times.. and it looks like nothing is headed in the direction i had hoped it would.. but what can i do? make attempts to fix it? try my best and hope my best is good enough?

until then.. i will just make regular trips to the ocean.. to sit with myself and try to let it all go.. i'll close out all my applications and hit restart.. maybe i'll run more efficiently next time..


tracks 3/23

pier 3/23

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Silje Røe Hagland said...

I know everything will work out love, you are an amazing girl, who deserve only the best!
Those pictures are lovely, i wish i was there!!