Monday, March 30

things i deserve

i deserve someone in my life that will come see me.. that will not only tell me that they think i'm amazing, but will also show me.. someone that will send me random messages to put a smile on my face.. someone who will appreciate me for who i am.. the good and the bad parts.. someone who not play games, but will be totally honest with me all of the time.. i deserve someone who will not give up on me at the first sign of stress.. someone i can bake for, watch movies with, cuddle with.. someone i can look cute for, that will feel proud to have me on their arm.. someone who will care about me and worry about me and want to know that i'm safe and sound.. 

i don't really feel that any of this is too much to ask.. and its all stuff that i truly deserve.. i'm a good girl, i have a lot of heart.. i'd do anything for the people i love and care about.. and i deserve someone who would treat me the same way...

i know what i am worth.


1 comment:

*fauve* said...

I totally know what you mean!I dont need a knight on a white horse,just a fine man who is real!!